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The Heavenly River

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The Heavenly River

The Heavenly River group exists for a not so long time - since 1998. In this time the musicians have performed at two jazz festivals, took part at several concerts at International festivals of spiritual music in Italy and Russia (Moscow), and have been recorded at the musical TV program Resheto (TV channel TET). They are performing regularly at musical clubs of Kyiv.

Their first CD The Light has come out in 2001. Its characteristic feature is experimentation and improvisation. The performers have absorbed strata of different world musical cultures and now they focus their attention on a state of harmony and unity with Nature, on spiritual enlightenment, on spontaneous reflection of the idea of Universal Love. The Heavenly River's music could be defined as an extra-styled oriental one that lying within the bounds of the New Age orientation (World music). It is typical of it to use some elements of ethnic jazz which contain the rhythmic base of the Indian classic music (tal), the Slavish folklore melodic, and some jazz harmony and improvisation.

Before the group creation every of its five members was in a creative search in some would seem non-overlapping directions.

So, Ruslan Pashynskiy and Valeria Marchenko tried themselves in jazz. They took part in various jazz projects, played at festivals in jazz casts etc. Now Valeria and Ruslan are sharing their rich experience with students of the Glier Kyiv high musical college and with children of an art school.

Sergey Puchkov and Sergey Isakov are professional musicians. They were participants of some rock groups in the past. Also they studied in the Indian Academy of Music and Arts. Puchkov mastered Indian drums tabla and Isakov learned Indian slide guitar there. The attainments they picked up in India proved useful in the present project. It should be said, Indian culture and spirituality are nourishing the Heavenly River's creativity from the very outset.

Sergey Roshchin helps successfully to amplify the group's general musical tune with themes of spontaneous reflections of his inner vision of music and he consolidates them rhythmically.

In a word, the result of creative work of the musicians is some organic synthesis of musical styles and cultural traditions of the East and the West that is enabling them to seek an original form and sounding of a musical composition. It is inherent to their music to be pleasant and deep. It is saturated with fantastical sounds of the flute and percussion that is supported by a magic rhythm of the Indian tabla. Jazz accords and harmony are interlaced with it skilfully. The music hides in itself a miraculous auspiciousness and it is carrying to audience simply a divine positive energy.

The approach free from style frames helps the musicians to reflect some their own deep experience and to share it with a listener through the music.

The Heavenly River's music is not so much a musical experience as a spiritual one - both individual and collective - that they are picking up in their spiritual practice of the Sahaja Yoga meditations.